Larry Winger, resident in the East Allen valley for the past 30+ years. I did my local stints reviewing music gigs in Allendale Town, as District Correspondent at the Hexham Courant, volunteering at Allendale Village Hall & Recreation Ground in a variety of capacities, working as a baker’s boy at Allendale Bakery, and now I’m trying to settle in, probably more dis- than gracefully, to a prolonged retirement.

I’m Larry Winger, retired scientist, community-minded diarist, and now a writer in various genres: blogs; fiction; poetry; memoir.

I was fascinated with the writing and organising involved in, but I was also delighted when the documentation of a year in the life of a Northumbrian community came to a natural end. Since then, I’ve been working on various writing projects, particularly on the novel front, as documented at

What I Do


Vintage Hymer enthusiast

DIY fixer-upper

Searcher after happiness

Past Experiences

Research Scientist
Gosh, it seems like quite an extended career, from graduate student to perennial postdoc and eventually let go by the age of 55. I started out in human cellular immunology, moving on to malaria parasitology, and then to clinical immunochemistry. I was so fortunate to be employed in a postdoc capacity for so long; postdocs are the scientists who do the actual work in the laboratory, don’t you know! I loved it.

Trustee, Chair, of Allendale Village Hall & Recreation Ground
(2004 – 2017)
What an opportunity to serve the community! I loved every moment of it, even when I was the caretaker, bartender, secretary, executive treasurer, renovation manager, grants organiser, audiovisual expert, demolition labourer. AVH&RG is a real community resource, and I’m that proud to have helped out there.

Who’d have thought that my full-time ‘job’ would be to create a year-long diary, a couple of novels (with two more pending), a series of poems, short stories and memoirs, and several blogs? Not me, but it’s certainly an energising experience. Meanwhile, I hope this particular ‘Roads to Joy’ blog will provide a space for many of the feelings (from sad to happy) that are experienced in this particular rural idyll.