The beginning of the road . . .

Sunrise over Sparty Lea

Following on from my thoughts on consolidation, and considering the things that I know about, I’ve decided to launch a new blog. The idea is that this new blog, exploring a personal quest for happiness, might present some of the more general interest facets of my previous and ongoing online writing efforts from: AllendaleDiary.orgBiomeNE47,.com, and was a daily blog of life in the remote rural village of Allendale, Northumberland, UK, that lasted for a full year. It was such a lot of fun to explore this Northumbrian community in depth. Sometimes interspersed with musings, filled with factual information, the diary kept me going too during a challenging year. Its job is done, now, though its online presence is still maintained.

My writer’s blog at BiomeNE47,com is really a presentation of my writing journey, and this blog probably only exists as a way-post for me of where I’ve come from, and where I’m going in the land of writing. Not really of universal interest.

And is a travel-writing blog developed out of our retirement travels in our ageing Hymermobile motorhome. Fascinating, perhaps, for family, and also for those who love travel, but more especially for those friendly Classic Hymer folks who enjoy taking care of their homes on the road.

But I’ve missed the sort of companionable homilies and interactions that were part of the Allendale Diary experience, and I wondered if I could recapture, and communicate, some of that enthusiasm for life, in a more general way, by embarking on a friendly series of posts. So that’s what this new is going to be about.

And what better way to start, in this new year of 2022, half-way into the first month, than to marvel at the wonderful sunrise this morning over the East Allen valley, just before the big bright ball of fire peeks over the fellside and illumines all of Sparty Lea.

What adventures of delight await us?!

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