Otterly wonderful

An otter lives here

Today’s entry in these Roads to Joy musings, memoirs, poems and stories may seem to be about animals, but in fact it’s really about the timeless truth: there’s no place like home. Ain’t it the truth, ain’t it the truth! So click your ruby slippers, Dorothy, and let’s begin.

This story began, as many of my efforts do, as an entry to a competition which doubled up as fulfilment of a task in our local Writing Group. It brought me a lot of joy, writing it, especially as it’s a kind of running memoir of a search that eventually elicited a joyful result. So I hope it repays the slight inconvenience of an extra link, and the few minutes it will take to read it. I didn’t want to clog up subscribers’ In boxes with a big file, so if you do want to read more, it’s best to click and see on this one.

. . . or, Otter Madness

[A story in bemused mode, just under 2000 words]

5 responses to “Otterly wonderful”

  1. We found a baby Otter cub on Allendale Show ground last yr. It was starving, cold and covered in tics. I hoped it had been washed away from parents rather than dug out. Anyway I took it to a specialist sanctuary in Cumbria but wonder if it’s related to yrs.


  2. Hi Kate . . . I think that the otter of my story has a circuit around the East Allen, from up towards the ‘heeds and along to Old Man Bottom . . . there have been several sightings throughout these parts over the past year or so . . . would love to catch sight of a pair cavorting, but where there’s one, I expect there’s likely to be two! Hope so anyway!


  3. I recall Zane Foster telling me many years ago that there were Otters in the East Allen because he’d found their droppings I can’t remember the term he used


    1. Apparently they’re called ‘spraints’ though I don’t know how locals might pronounce that!


      1. Yes that’s familiar I was going to type that but couldn’t remember the spelling


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