Halfway point or . . .

The post marks the halfway point on our 0.5km long track, but are we heading up or down?

I think this is a ‘glass half full or half empty?’ kind of musing, today. Last winter, when the bubbled family got together, our grandson and I went out on a trek through the snow with his LEGO mini-figs. I think his ambition was to create a LEGO type storyboard through a variety of scenes shot with his birthday camera. I carried my Nikon too, so we could compare shots.

I like this image because it reminds me of that enchanted trek, high on the fellside above the hamlet of Sparty Lea, when we slipped and slid down frozen banks to place the minifigs in icy miniature waterfalls. I’m pretty sure my glass overflowed on that day, though I don’t think any other story developed from the images we collected. So this memoir could be the first textual documentation of Grandpa and Grandson’s adventure in the snow.

Funny how that adventure has sat quietly as a collection of images in my laptop all this time, but now I think on it I realise what a wonderful moment it actually was.

Maybe that’s the real point of this blog entry: the creation of memoirs can bring the joy of a shared experience back into sharp focus, for the writer’s and possibly the reader’s mutual delight.

Not a half-full or half-empty glass at all then. Just full-on joy at the reminiscence.

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