Great bar snacks . . .

. . . and may I have a pint of Pennine Pale, please?

Delighted to serve you, sparrow friend. Your presence has brought a little joy into our kitchen. Not so colourful as their colleagues the blue tits, the chaffinches or gold finches, nor so cheeky as our cock robin, nevertheless the chatter of the hedge sparrows and the dunnocks, when the wild bird seed is laid out for them, is very welcome.

It’s only a couple of investigatory steps, now, to check out the nest entrance behind the bar, and soon you can be serving tasty snacks to your own offspring.

Not entirely confident that you’ll be able to change the barrels though.

3 responses to “Great bar snacks . . .”

  1. Right now our bird pub, barc to me, is closed. Price of black oil sunflower seed has jumped by several dollars per 40 lb bag. Eventually I’ll get over the shock. The greasy grill is open, aka suet feeder, but very few takers. Puzzling as I made sure to not buy the cheapest blocks of grease. Would a Brit have any helpful advice on feeding our feathered friends? Btw you could be feeding cousins of our English sparrows. We have many varieties of sparrows here but perhaps I need the fancy birdhouse/pub for the English sparrows? Personally I would stock it with Heineken & Rolling Rock (old PA brewery). Sorry mate but it will be chilled & light in color.


  2. Not sure how your suet is putting the birds off, Henry, but our fat balls are beloved by every visitor — can’t keep them stocked! Meanwhile, I do love the flat warm British beer = ale, for sure (though it’s rather cooler in the real Elf Hole), but also enjoying light crisp and cold lager like Peroni, which is the closest to Rolling Rock I’ve been able to find. I remember it well from my time in Phila. Surprised you didn’t mention Yuengling? ?sp?


  3. Correct spelling but Yuengling never made it on to my list. Suet rejection has me stumped.


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