Random acts . . .

Our friendly woodpecker inspects the fat balls, but found the peanuts more to his taste

Yesterday was Random Acts of Kindness Day, the 17th of February, as it’s been apparently since 1995, over a quarter of a century now. And this coming Sunday, another event in the calendar of the ‘Kindness’ movement, has been designated Random Acts of Poetry and Art Day, since its inception in 2012, a decade ago.

Meanwhile, we share random acts of kindness with our neighbours throughout the year, exchanging mutual goods and services that help to make life worth living. My poem about her beloved horse Plough, for example, elicited tears from our dear neighbour, a month or so ago. The baker in our house shares out her sourdough loaves with a couple of folks every week. I can’t seem to imagine up a particular piece of poetry or art, in anticipation of RAPA day, that would be appreciated as a gift, so I guess I’ll just have to offer these small portions of joy as they come.

Sharing the bird feeder this week, and our genial largesse, the inquisitive woodpecker who’s been here before, flashing its variegated black and white patterned back, gave us a full frontal this time as he checked out our fat ball offerings. He pecked avidly at the peanuts in their wire mesh cage until I slid the inner conservatory door slightly ajar to try to capture a better image, whereupon he was startled and took his leave. Never mind, he’s left his splash of red belly and crimson cap in my camera for us to admire.

We were wondering, as yesterday became distinctly chilly and the wind had that shivery feel of snow, whether the birds might have been stocking up in anticipation of severe weather. If so, and if the blizzard does hit us today, they’ll be grateful that their little gullets are full for the duration of their lack of opportunity to feed.

Perhaps then, these musings may be a sufficient set of random acts of kindness and artistic endeavours to carry us as well, through and on into next week.

2 responses to “Random acts . . .”

  1. They are very handsome birds

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  2. Indeed! We’d not clocked the red bottom until it turned around! Say, incidentally, the vaunted blizzard has turned into rather a damp squib, hasn’t it? And the driving sleety rain is just, yukk! Apparently more snow this afternoon, but I’m not betting on it. Still, seems we’re missing the worst of the wind and the dump, while the folks down south are having a terrible time.


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