Bit of a damp squib, here

Wet snow filigrees the door to our conservatory; the picnic table has a layer of about a cm, or half an inch in old money.

My chagrin was just about everyone else’s delight, as the expectations of blizzard conditions here in the North Pennines reduced throughout the day yesterday. And now, this morning we have another light covering of what looks like wet, possibly slightly crunchy snow out there. Not a big blizzard blow at all!

But the devastation down south sounds terrible, nearly approaching the Great Storm of ’87 in destruction. I guess, after Storm Arwen and the power outage that many folks in Allendale had in the last fortnight, we can be grateful that nothing more than a few flickers bothered us up in the hills. The new generator was not brought into play at all.

So today I’ve got nothing more to worry about than a persistent bout of indigestion from the rich food we had at the lovely Beaumont in Hexham, or maybe it was a side effect of the Ibuprofen I took to reduce the swelling in my hand after multiple hawthorn lacerations from my trimming stint! Either way, today looks rather more like an extra writing day than anything else, (my typing capacity is undiminished!) and I’ve only got another 20k words to crank through to finish off the book ‘what I’m writing.’ I can’t wait to read the ending!

In my warm porch cocoon, I shall explore life as it’s lived by the characters who populate the novel, following their lead and exulting in their joy, which will surely be revealed.

Since it’s fiction, of course, it may not be quite the joy the reader might anticipate, of course! Such fun!

One response to “Bit of a damp squib, here”

  1. Larry, Please correct me if I’m wrong but it sounds like you have a generator that your aching to use should a snow storm put you in need of producing your own electricity.  Seems to me that we (males) buy equipment in anxious anticipation of using it even if we don’t have an immediate need. Were you wanting a major snow storm that Mother Nature didn’t provide? If I have caught your drift in reading your accounts of where you live I’m sure that there will be another time to use your generator. Last year we purchased a battery powered single stage snow thrower. Believe it or not it’s more efficient than the old gas powered thrower. I was ready to be done with going to gas stations, filling cans,  spilling some & storing gasoline. I’m disappointed that after going green I’ve only had one opportunity to use it this winter. We already went green with a lawn mower. Very satisfied with the state of consumer grade battery powered equipment. Last month I used the snowthrower on a light snow that was going to soon melt anyway. So now I wait in my imaginary man cave for snow in defiance of the fall predictions by the local wooly bear caterpillars. I think skiers & snowmobile enthusiasts would agree that snow wise central PA just isn’t what it use to be.

    Larry, I’ve gone wildly off topic once again. I close with a wish for you the wordsmith to be blessed with abundant creativity & productive typing as you close in on the 20K word mark.


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