Fragile, but joy enters liked my sonnet after all.

I’ve been spending far too much screen time doing puzzles, and they’re expanding: Wordle started me off; then the family suggested the math teaser Nerdle; Quordle is fiendish but fun; and lately I’ve been playing a Scrabble variant with a robot on Lexulous. Too much, and my brain is getting frazzled.

I was going to give the joyful blog a miss today, since I battled a headache in the early hours, but the surprise of seeing my poetic effort appreciated and presented at this morning has perked me up a bit. I’d given up hope, rather, for this month, because my poem is strictly classical in format. Now I can’t wait for the next visual stimulus on the 1st of March.

Meanwhile, I’m resolved to reduce the puzzle stuff back to one, and to crank on today with the final narrative outline of my developing novel. I’ve got the last two chapters to sketch out, for a total of fifteen more scenes, I reckon. If it turns out as I hope, it’ll be a first draft by St Patrick’s Day, and I’ll be pleased to be there.

I’m pretty sure, if I manage that first draft milestone, that someone will be cracking open a can of draft Guinness.

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