The joy of work-arounds

My laptop screen is covered in shame . . .

Well, that was a trying morning! Opened my laptop to begin the daily routine, and the screen jumped and jiggled around before my eyes. It looked like there was something behind the frenzy, but I couldn’t be sure.

After rather a lot of trial and error, which included the classic powering off and back on, as well as a new operating system installation, we determined that the screen was suffering a hardware glitch that would probably mean a brand new assembly. Everything about the computer itself was working well, as I could demonstrate by hooking up a remote monitor. Whew!

So my current strategy, while I work along to get my last words completed, and then the cover art sorted, so as to be ready for next month’s self-publishing whirl, is to use the little pico-projector as monitor while I protect my eyes from the dancing laptop screen. In the meantime, as a second work-around and safety, I’ve added appropriate software for the wordsmithery into an older laptop. So I should be covered, with any luck.

There’s a quiet joy in having work-arounds for protection. Perhaps that was why I was so distraught, back when we lost power up in these high fells for nine days, and the geriatric generator gave up its power delivery only a couple of hours into its job. When the work-around fails, what then? But acquiring new gennies brought the work-around safety back into position and my emotional equilibrium was restored.

The closer I get to completion of my self-imposed writing task, though, the more nervous I get. With only three, maybe three and a half thousand words yet to go, I’m chewing my fingers to keep myself going! The last scene now, the worry over that is beginning to keep me awake. I must tell myself: relax, there will be another strategy, another take, if the scene doesn’t go according to plan.

And with that admonition, I feel more able to finish my daily task this morning, and to look forward to those final three scenes.

The joy of quiet hope, and the strength of back-up work-arounds, keeps me going.

3 responses to “The joy of work-arounds”

  1. Ann Hetherington Avatar
    Ann Hetherington

    Phew! So glad to see that it was no more than a computer malfunction that delayed your posting! I was beginning to wonder where your words of joy were this morning……..


  2. Thanks Ann . . . only I’m not too sure, just yet, what possible joy I can develop for tomorrow (my neck is all cricked from straining over the top of the laptop! So it’s kind of a clunky work-around, to be honest!


  3. Re: Workarounds. When cobbling things together bc I lacked funds for a permanent solution I’ve taken comfort in the phrase, “It may not look pretty but it works.” Usually said to Connie who is more particular about how something looks. As long as you are able to reach your goals keep the keyboard clicking.


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