Clear vision joys

Shoulda gone to SpecSavers? Nah, better!

Actually, the revealed joy was on Saturday, during an extensive eyesight check at the local opticians in Hexham. The expertise and professionalism of Dickinson’s on Priestpopple is second to none, I thought, especially as the weird double vision I’ve been experiencing over the past while got prismed back into crystal clarity. I could read the bottom line of the chart without straining.

More, the elimination of the double vision enhanced my reading experience, so that by the end of the week, when I hope to pick up both distance (‘driving’) glasses, and close (‘reading’) glasses, I shall have a recovered vision not dissimilar to what it was when I was young. I was young, once, and by the miracle of modern optometry, I shall feel young again!

For far too long I’ve been depending on simple magnifying lenses, somewhere at the +2.5 to +3.0 region, to facilitate my reading enjoyment. But when the kindly Katie used the same prisms that had enhanced my long vision, on a similar magnification, I almost wept with joy. It was that dramatic!

So I expect that I shall happily switch back and forth from driving to reading specs as I change my pre-occupations. Most of the time, while doing the heavy gardening, for example, I shall be getting on with things without optical assistance. So effectively, I’ll actually have three separate points of view at my disposal. That’s rather remarkable, when you think of it, isn’t it?

And speaking of threes, I also have three finishing-off points of view from three different character sets, to facilitate by the end of the week. Better get on with that joy too!

2 responses to “Clear vision joys”

  1. I love Dickinsons and the fact it’s a family firm. However since I have both cataracts ( yes during Covid) done they’re not getting too much work from me


  2. We chatted about cataracts, actually, as I mentioned that my father had had some problems. But my lenses are still clear. Incidentally though, I got, for driving, a pair of those glasses with the magnetic clip-on sunshades, which look and feel so cool! Now my main challenge will be to keep the lenses from getting scratched!


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