No joy is possible today

Nigel Baynes
Let the sun rise, then let it set
The king of Allendale is gone.
Hearts breaking for the simple debt
We owe the prince who shone.

Tears streaming down our cheeks
There are no words to say.
The shock against the future bleak
Emotions can't convey.

Diminished, we are all.
No respite from the grief,
The awful torture of the pall
That's far beyond belief.

So let the sun set, let it rise
Let strong winds blow and let it rain
Set fires free,  unsupervised
He's gone, life's not the same.

5 responses to “No joy is possible today”

  1. So very sad news Nigel was prominent in every aspect of the village


    1. Larry I’ve just spoken to Maggie Shearer on twitter can I share your poem please?


      1. I think that some semi-private sharing is fine, but since everyone at the moment is still in a desperate state of shock, maybe not overtly public, if possible? This little blog is very restricted, with an audience of about 15 max, and while not private at all, maybe on this occasion, until the floodgates open, perhaps we can be circumspect?


  2. Ann Hetherington Avatar
    Ann Hetherington



    1. Whatever you want Larry x


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