The delights of feedback

After the message is sent, what happens next?

My good friend from college (university) days back in Pennsylvania is a constant source of joy. We seem to have many areas of empathy, and the primary one is now in the realm of ageing.

One of the great things about feedback in this blog is that I get to re-consider the thoughts I’ve had, as refracted back to me by readers. I remember how valued the comments were when Allendale Diary was being constructed. This blog is less labour-intensive, more of a musing sort of pastime, than the daily task of a year-long diary. Astute readers will have noted already that I regularly take a break on Sundays, but this past week has been a bit hectic with the mini-move and furnishing of our new ‘holiday cottage’, which may or may not be our eventual downsized permanent residence. So I’ve missed a day or so, here and there. But the comments are always devoured, and relished.

There’s such a huge amount of thought that goes into some of the comments, that I’m humbled. To think that my few musings could elicit such careful consideration! But at the same time, I also feel exhorted to continue; while writing, just like thinking, is an end in and of itself, it’s certainly enhanced by feedback.

Today my friendly beta reader will probably reach the last chapter of my third novel. Thereafter, she may finish the story, and the appendices, by the end of tomorrow. Probably she’ll feel that she must offer constructive comments, encouragement and good criticism, or I won’t be able to take her seriously. Deep in my anticipated post-creative tristesse mind-set, I can’t quite believe that anything I’ve done is worthwhile. I’m supposed to be looking ahead to my next project, the historical fiction set a century ago. But I can’t even begin to get going on that before I really lay the trilogy to rest.

On the one hand, I could be happy that I’ve finished my project, and just let it be, delighted in the fruition of an ambition. But on the other hand, I crave the consideration of intrigued readers, consideration that can feed back into a more enlightened writing capacity, that could help the book to sing. And that’s where I’m at, personally, as I sit and wait, patiently.

It’s a funny time, either on the cusp of completion, or needing just that extra push to finish things off with finesse. We shall see what transpires, but meanwhile I shall try to practise the virtue that patience itself is meant to be.

3 responses to “The delights of feedback”

  1. Hi Larry Where are you moving to in Dumfries and Galloway ? we always cherished the belief that we would move there. I was born in Glasgow and the advantage is that Scotland is very likely to vote independent and therefore rejoin Europe.


    1. Well, we’re probably just that much older than you folks, so the time has been hastening on for downsizing, really. We’ve bought a teeny-tiny bungalow in New Galloway, which will be a kind of holiday home for the next however many months while we tidy up the smallholding up above Sparty Lea. The possibility of Scotland’s independence has been very much part of our long-term plan, and yes, if we live long enough to enjoy again a common destiny with the rest of the EU, that would be quite a delight. Anyway, New Galloway is seemingly quite a vibrant village, which we hope to get to know better over the coming while. On the other hand, there’s a lot of gardening work yet to be done back home too!

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  2. The Scots are very keen on their bungalows and my visit to New Zealand South Island in Dunedin certainly confirmed that with the number of Scots that emigrated there


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