Family fun . . .

On the lookout for the newest member of the family

I’m beginning to think that families exist to keep us safely grounded. Besides the obvious, I mean. We stick with families because sometimes we need to be teased!

Well, perhaps the teasing turns merciless, and that’s not good. But good-natured and with love, that sort of teasing, that feels healthy and perceptive. I was on the lookout yesterday for the imminent arrival of part of our family, and got myself snapped by our bemused daughter. After everybody was here, settled in, and little Louis was exclaimed over, cossetted and stroked, I was able to capture something of his winsome charm.

Of course there was a welcome Easter egg hunt, with chocolate bunnies appearing in any of numerous pots scattered around the front garden, and then we all ambled together along the dyke walk through the marshland, and got back for a spot of DIY effort on the campervan conversion, while our faithful cooks embarked on the big Sunday lunch. Replete, resting, repeated Tiny Towns gaming into the late afternoon, but it was all too soon for the goodbyes. Not before we were the delighted recipients of a grandson’s cartoon efforts, now posted with pride on our little board.

And then the little touches, the teases, of family presence that remained: the bag of doggy treats that will have to be ready for the next visit. The toilet rolls strategically stacked on their holder. The ceramic clown positioned on my bedside table to look at me when I wake up, a reminder to laugh. The photos that we can enjoy at our leisure.

I was glad that I’d been able to finish my editing duties before the family arrived, though I did make an unfortunate discovery early yesterday morning, when I realised that my title was being used for at least three other books! A quick re-jig and I got the new title safely uploaded by the time my attention was diverted to family fun.

Whew! Looking back on the weekend, I’m so pleased that I could manage to leave the writing alone for a while, so that I could enjoy the fulsome frolics. Even washing up felt like a pleasure, as the rest of the folks kind of collapsed in a heap and chatted away in the living room. Just to be surrounded by loved ones, for an Easter Sunday joy, was the best.

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