Succession joys and worries

Secondary Succession in eco-biology describes the return of vegetation on a denuded landscape

But what about generational succession? Google is full of references to the HBO television series Succession, which is certainly rife with intrigue. I’m musing this morning on generational succession because of a particularly proud moment for my brother’s family in Philadelphia, as our niece graduates with top honours from her journalism/political science degree course.

As parents we share, vicariously, in the successes, and to be sure, in the failures of the succeeding generation. Sometimes the succession might be on the burnt-out wreckage of the parent’s failures; other times it’s a steady progression on their shoulders. You never know, it seems, which way the wind of generational change may blow. Will our children, if they’ve arrived, do better or worse than we did?

As humans, we hope, naturally, for the best, and we’re usually primed to worry about the possible worst, as life moves inexorably onward. But when the very best lands on our doorstep, there’s nothing for it but to experience a great vaulting sense of joy.

Put the inevitable worries aside for the moment; delight in the joy of achievement, of accomplishment, and be so happy for the success. We can all share in that joy, as we observe with amazement the brilliance of our successors.

Better than any of us could have done, we brothers muse with each other, and we send congratulations across the great divide. A proud moment, humbled in ourselves but full of delight, of hope and best wishes for the next generation.

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