Random blossoms of loveliness

The mountain clematis in our tiny front garden is a joy

Sometimes the smallest things evoke the greatest joy. I decided to take a quick snapshot this morning of the flowers that bedeck the short board fence around the front garden here in New Galloway. We’ve been admiring the multiplying bloom for days now; the plant seems to be exalted in its presentation of itself. More and yet more flowers open to the sunshine.

I’ve found that experience to be true with creativity too; the more I try to create, the more creative I become. Certainly there are exercises I would never have ventured near, in days gone by, that I’m embarking upon with aplomb, these days. Happiness begets happiness, joy joy.

I have some letters to write today, and more reading to enjoy, but our main errand today is to try to populate the two wooden planters that are due to arrive later, so that fresh herbs and salad leaves will be constantly available for our various repasts. That’s a bit creative, a bit industrious and diligent, and a bit relaxing, in minimal measure. Each of the little activities may reinforce the others.

And then, perhaps, we’ll sit in the late afternoon sunshine and admire our handiwork, encouraging the new plants to grow and develop. Nothing too strenuous, just a bit of mental and physical encouragement which feeds back to ourselves.

Lovely. Aaahh.

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