Adventures near and far . . .

With thanks to we identified a couple of Bird Cherry trees on our walk between the raindrops, yesterday afternoon.

I asked my beloved, why is this flowering tree used in May Day festivals when as we see it’s only in full bloom two weeks into May? Because we’re farther north than you might have realised, she replied. And of course I had to agree. So that was our little near-to-us adventure, and another fillip in my education. My brain is being filled with the names of trees and plants we discover on our casual ambles, names I’ve never been bothered about before.

But today we’re heading to the seaside, where a small public beach with convenient access adjoins The Laggan wedding venue near to Gatehouse of Fleet. We’re reconnoitring on behalf of our grandsons, in case they’re eager for a beach ramble sometime on an extended visit. That will be an adventure slightly further afield. What can we manage to forget? Typically it’s the binoculars, but I shall make every effort to bring them, along with our warm raincoats in case of a sudden squall. And my phone for plant identification along the coast. And my two pairs of glasses, for acuity near and far. Goodness me, it’s a never-ending series of things to remember, when we go anywhere!

Whether we’re adventuring near, or further afield, learning new things or carrying along older information, we can try to find little snippets of joy wherever we are. Meanwhile, I shall continue to muse on the various writing tasks ahead, while imbibing the fresh sea air.

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