BREAKING: Sunlight and rain create rainbow fragment

The window in our conservatory is rain-spattered, but the sun shines on the distant fellside

No matter that it’s a very common occurrence here, the appearance of a rainbow is always cause for delight. I must say, however, that it’s a rare happenstance to be able to record the appropriate juxtaposition of raindrops and sunlight in a single photograph. I feel as if I can reach out and touch those drops on the window pane.

So I was sitting quietly in the conservatory as the raindrops pitter-pattered down, but when I glanced up the rainbow fragment was just there on the horizon. Had I not looked up, just then, I’d have missed it. Life goes on all around us, and sometimes we’re just lucky to catch up with it, to examine it as it moves along at pace. Too often we sense only the mundane when the magnificent is there for the seeing.

Perhaps there’s some goodness in being bored, in sitting listless with a sense of ‘nothing to do.’ In that state, I sometimes find for me that I’m receptive to input and able to try to respond creatively. Other times I just grimace, shrug and bat away any attempts to cajole me into thinking of something to do with myself. I suppose that’s not particularly healthy, but this feeling helps to show why I often aver that I’m incorrigibly lazy. And, conversely, why I jump at the opportunity for creative endeavour when I’m receptive. The trick always is to maintain that receptivity.

So this particular image is a salient one for me, because it encapsulates that sense of grabbing the moment, being receptive to what you see, what’s there to see and experience. The magnificent right there in the middle of the mundane. As I’ve been musing along these lines, I realise that these thoughts might be worthwhile saving, as an aide-memoire for when I’m feeling really bored and disconsolate.

Perhaps when I look at them again, sometime much later on, I can manage to stop beating myself up for my intrinsic laziness, and smile.

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