Weekend joys

The hot tub was in service once more, with chilled elderflower cordial on tap

Throughout the afternoon, and into the later evening, we kept the water warm and inviting, while for excitement we roared along with the rest of the country as the Lionesses took the Euro Championship. The dinner thereafter was a wonderful flourish; we chatted about life’s new challenges with our beloved neighbours until we were absolutely stuffed full, satisfied and replete.

And then it was time for pudding! After the fresh vegetables harvested from our gardens, it was a special kind of joy to indulge in a new loganberry parfait, created for the occasion by our excited daughter. Covered in a crunchy pistachio topping, the parfait inside was perfectly unctuous, as they love to say on MasterChef.

There are weekends, and then there are ones you wish could last forever. Thanks to memory, they can!

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