The soft twilight . . .

In what is called ‘civil twilight’ only the brightest celestial objects can be seen as the sun nears the dawn horizon

I awakened early this morning with a persistent toothache. And it’s weeks before I can see a dentist. I felt a bit sorry for myself, until I looked up and saw the softness of the early morning light.

Outside, it was soft, so soft, in the cool glow of morning twilight. The full moon (or very nearly full) glowed in the west-south-west above our old sheds, and it would be an hour at least before the sun rose above the horizon. It was so quiet, except for the punctuation of our cockerels’ greetings.

I drank my first coffee, and did my word puzzles, revelling in some success today. Other days I’ve failed, but not this morning. By the second cup, I felt imbued to finish my writing group task, and for the next hour I persevered. Thanks to both paracetamol and displacement activity, my toothache dissipated.

It seems that work-arounds to life’s challenges are often available, perhaps only for a short term, perhaps longer. But eventually we will need proper attention to the challenge. Not today, however, not in the cool, soft dawn.

This morning, I shall sit in quiet contemplation and try to forget that nagging toothache. I shall enjoy the joy that is offered to me, and in the moment, be at peace.

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