Is ‘laughing at yourself’ a kind of joy?

So I was doing a decent job on the shower cleaning, and I let the chlorine-based anti-mould application sit for thirty minutes to bleach the black fungus stains off the white grout, as you do. So far so good. I prepared to rinse the product off the tiles.

Whoops! Turned the shower tap in the wrong direction, so got completely drenched full in the face from the sideways shower head, instead of merely dodging the top head that I’d expected to rain down from above. My beloved wondered what the commotion was, and when she clocked the damage, immediately dashed out to fetch her phone, returning to capture me in full-blown frustration (or rather, as our daughter opined, in wet angry cat mode). The snap was taken just after I’d had to force myself back through the flow to turn the thing off, which felt like a return to ignominy.

So now, now that the whole family has clocked my discomfiture, my question is this: have I realised some shared joy at being laughed at? Not with, not by any means, but rather at, completely ‘at.’ So where’s the joy in that?

Well, I’m having to struggle with that, to be honest, but I can appreciate a laugh at my expense, sure I can. But I’m still not burbling over in the way the rest of the family are. I’m feeling a little more ummm, hmmm.

Still, it was funny, I have to agree. In another day or so I shall probably be laughing my own head off. Give me a few moments to dry off.

One response to “Is ‘laughing at yourself’ a kind of joy?”

  1. Larry, 🤣 Sorry but your daughter was spot on. If it’s any consolation I had a freezer bag of ice on my knee yesterday & when Connie was going to take it away I was wet down with ice water. Sorry no pic to share.


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