Joys of clearance

Ideally, the view will be less cluttered by this evening

Our task today, since it’s damp and dreich outside, probably too wet for hedge trimming, will be to clear out the little porch. This porch has been my own domain, for my DIY tools, my writing space, and my LEGO studio, for the past decade anyway. But now we’re more interested in revealing the glorious view of the valley beyond, as seen from an uncluttered home office space.

There’s something to be said both for the familiarity of clutter, and for the calmness that clearance can provide. That doesn’t mean the clearing job is easy though, and I can’t say I’m welcoming the opportunity. I wasn’t mad keen on mowing the lawn yesterday either, especially as the drizzly mist arrived, and the garden tractor spluttered to a stop. But it didn’t take long to foil the safety over-ride that had been bent back, and brmm the machine back to life, nor to accomplish the neat trim either. It might surprise us, how much junk we can really throw away.

Those old book-keeping files, for example, from the bakery days, they’re not needed anymore. And bank accounts back to the year dot, not required, even though they’ve been filed so neatly. So rather a few contributions to the local recycling centre, with any luck.

It’s going to be a good clearing-out day, I’m sure of it. I’m confident, no really, I am, and I’ll keep trying to stay motivated as the flotsam and jetsam are slowly eliminated. As the detritus of our lives is cleared away, and we’re left with space and clarity to go on living. It’s no good, of course, this imposition of the past on our present, the accumulation clouding our future.

I shall hope to report on the delights of clearance by tomorrow morning, or the next day. Until then, frankly I’m trying to coax my enthusiasm along!

One response to “Joys of clearance”

  1. Good for the soul but I have problems in throwing anything out as someone may find a use, by the time I’ve finished there is no use left in it so hoy it oot!


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