There’s nothing like a nice fire to warm us up . . .

Our green enamelled Jotul is a brilliant feature

Doubtless it’s primeval, going back to the ancient legends of fire and its control. Otherwise, we might venture into Greek mythology and thank Prometheus for bringing fire back to earth, for the comfort of us mortals. Certainly in Allendale, home of the annual Tar Bar’l parade and New Year’s Eve bonfire, fire has played an iconic part for the better part of two recorded centuries.

Now a new fiery tradition has been aroused, as the images of the legendary ‘Burning of the Wolf’ which have emerged onto the pages of the Hexham Courant, revealed in a piece yesterday titled Allen Valleys Folk Festival Returns. James Little, who created the fascinating cover images for the eponymous Allendale Diary for us, has outdone himself with the capture of the immolation of the fearsome, and renowned Allendale wolf as it sailed along into eternity in Boaty McFolkFace. No doubt those in the crowd encircling the flames were full of awe and admiration, to say nothing of revelling in the lovely warmth the fire conveyed.

For some reason the male members of our family are mad keen on fires. We have four wood fires in the place here on the high fellside: the living room Jotul, the big kitchen oven, the stainless steel stove immersed in the hot tub water, and the little heater warming up the Elf Hole in the shed. It”s a good thing that we’ve got a full load of logs coming in soon, to carry us through Christmas festivities with the family. Better a lovely fire from renewable resources than a consumption of heating oil which, as things have turned out, we can scarcely afford now, along with everyone else.

Anyway, after dawning bright this morning, the wind is up and it’s predicted to lash down with torrential rain, as the remnants of Storm Fiona hit these shores. But we’ll try to stay warm and cosy, and full of joy and relief that we can manage to stay comfy in these trying times, still.

One response to “There’s nothing like a nice fire to warm us up . . .”

  1. Larry, Today’s Joy touches my memories of fire. Whether sitting in front of a roaring fire or warming oneself in front of stacked up hardwood coals, there is something fascinating & comforting about fire. Keep touching memories. Write on Larry, Henry


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