The joy of challenges

Without some sort of stimulation, boredom soon sets in and we might feel aimless, unable to concentrate, enervated and de-motivated. Too much challenge and anxiety levels creep up to create discomfort. But just the right challenge and I’m away, throwing myself into the fray and revelling in the attempt to fulfill the task.

I did not relish the challenge posed by this month’s‘s image stimulus. Far less did I want to enter their competition, which would mean an evening and early morning rumination before I could even contemplate forcing myself to sit quietly for an hour to compose an entry piece. A ceramic mug featuring Chewbacca, Han Solo’s co-pilot in the Star Wars film; a canted ET’s head smiling on top of Chewie; a three-eyed green alien from Toy Story balanced on ET’s ear? What? I felt myself drifting back into stultification and ennui.

But the competition was free to enter, the field was likely to be small, and the challenge became irresistible as I thought about the one-liners that the films are famous for. Nicking various one-liners from a variety of genres to amplify the stack sounded like a simple idea to carry through. As ever, in developing the verbal strategy, persistent themes which my subconscious dwells on came percolating through.

It was a relief, in the end, to finish something and to submit it within the crucial 24hour time limit, and inside the maximum entry number, after which the competition would close. Something like 90 minutes inside time, and somewhere between 122 and 131 submissions so within the 150 limit. Well, whew! That was fun after all!

But now the waiting extends into the near future, and I must cast around for another challenge, though there are plenty of tasks and chores to be getting on with, of course. On the creative front not so much. Perhaps I should concentrate on being a sponge, for a while, soaking things up and reflecting on the creativity of others.

That’s a challenge, then, to spend some receiving time, assuaging the anomie and diving into another perspective, another story. Oh joy, now that I put it like that, to find a purpose for my racing brain!

After the chores then, I’m away with the stories.

One response to “The joy of challenges”

  1. Larry, I am familiar with ‘ennui’ from days of my old, broken addiction to crosswords. I am familiar but less so with ‘stultification’. My challenge today is to use ‘stultification’ in conversation. I trust from your report that you were able to percolate ideas for your entry submitted to the free competition. Thanks for keeping my vocabulary up to a par with days by-gone. Another challenge I’m giving myself is to use “stultification’ & ‘ennui’ in letters to my Congressional Reps & Senators. That should be easy!!
    Keep absorbing, percolating & writing. Henry


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