The pleasure of a contemplative review

Looking back over the past week

For beloved friends who do not have internet access, I’ve taken to printing out the previous week of musings from these Roads To Joy. Though it feels odd, looking at the week in a spread like this, it seems that it’s instructive too.

Sometimes I’ve been really stretching, grasping and flailing around trying to find a little bit of joy to ruminate on. Without the blog to stimulate my mind to look, I suspect I’d descend into a spiral of gloom. Especially today, which dawned in as dreich a manner as seems possible: heavy rain and mist obscuring the view, and a cold house which is only now warming up.

But I set to and did the weekly print-out, hoping that my own forays on the trail of joy might amuse our friends. I realised that this too is a kind of joy, a quiet consideration of the past effort of searching for joyful moments.

I’ve felt glorious golden dawn, thought about challenges, revelled in the bright red Fly Agaric. Considered the amazing grace of song, and felt my muscles ache with the morning tizz of wood stacking. Remembered the joy of mobility while recognising those aches and pains. Contemplated our understanding of the future, without being morbid, and reflected on the joy of seasonal change. Perhaps the whole experience is more than the sum of the individual parts. Perhaps this bloggish lark is an accumulation, as well as a daily joy, so that one’s cup overflows with the plenty that is revealed.

Perhaps these musings are more of a daily diary, a journal, more of an emotional memoir, than I had realised when I began back in the middle of January. Perhaps I’ll be able to look back on 2022, when the year is finished, and be unable to stop musing about positive things.

Actually, that’s hardly a drawback, is it? I do wonder how often I repeat myself though!

2 responses to “The pleasure of a contemplative review”

  1. I know I don’t add ‘likes’ and comments much here Larry, but just wanted to say that I really enjoy your musings and positivity each and every day, to the point where it was a bit worrying the other day not to have the morning blog until later – but glad all was ok! It’s become part of daily routine reading it here (no pressure 😉 just like the Allendale Diary was.
    I often share journal entries with other members of the family too.


  2. Larry, Take heart. Think on all the people stimulated by Today’s Joy! Think of the written legacy you are now crafting for your progeny. U know from my comments & emails that TJ stimulates my thinking. OK I’m not always on point but haven’t “lost it”.🤪 Look ups for today are “dreich” & “tizz”. In 2019 BBC News reported that dreich was #1 on the list of top ten most iconic Scottish words. If I had learnt “dreich” 7 days ago I could have used it as Connie & I discussed the mood created in our home after 5 days of rain without a break. Well, I won’t get in a tizz just now. Keep on stretching, grasping and flailing around. 🙂 Write on, Henry


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