World Mental Health Day

The UK’s Mental Health organisation has been working for the past 70 years to ensure that mental health is treated on a par with physical health.

When I set up this little blog, I thought I had two purposes in mind: to develop a large readership by concentrating on a few salient contexts; to consciously think joyful thoughts, rather than sinking into an endless morass of self-recrimination. The daily readers who have drifted in to these entries are so much appreciated — you are so very welcome! But on the whole, I think this exercise has been more important in terms of the latter context. I feel that my mental health has been enhanced by this approach — I think that with the morning homily smiling back at me, I tend to face the day with a little more bravery.

Whether that bravery is helpful to anyone else is almost another matter. Of course every kind comment, reflection and musing coming back to me is another fillip of joy, amplifying the smile and striking a resonant chord; I love the responses, truly. But the prime motivation of each entry has no longer become to reach out, but rather to reach in, to seek out the place of solace within my own mind, to keep the demons at bay and to protect myself.

As some readers have noted, sometimes my musings tend to the philosophical, sometimes their very mundanity elicits a familiar chuckle. Sometimes, in other words, I may be approaching the holy grail of universality. Actually, that’s very wonderful, from here in this remote rural place, to sense that I can reach out and touch someone else’s sensibility, to raise a returning smile.

I’ve been lurking on a Twitter feed from a variety of poets. Mostly I can’t understand what they’re on about, but one thing I do sense: when a particular line resonates, when a set of words is configured so that they reflect the reader’s own feelings, then the tweets are forthcoming in appreciation. I can appreciate how the poet touches their reader, and how the reader’s response in turn touches the poet’s heart.

On further reflection, then, I’m compelled to feel, after all, though I write as if to encourage myself, that this blog does not exist in a vacuum, that I am not only writing to myself, but that I’m also reaching out, looking and listening for the echo.

Thank you so much, dear readers, for being there, at the other end of a tenuous electronic connection, for making this space a little echo chamber of delight.

4 responses to “World Mental Health Day”

  1. I really enjoy your posts Larry. And I love how you’ve put it here, saying that your writings here have become more about reaching in to find your peace, rather than reaching out. I too have often found this to be true: that the reflection and self-expression (often very bravely) that one needs to speak one’s truth is what makes blogging special 🙂 Amanda


  2. Thanks Amanda, much appreciated, thank you! I’m glad you came back to blogging after that long hiatus — I guess I could say much the same: I blogged the daily Allendale Diary for all of 2019, and then spent some time of introspection on my writerly blog ( which is really only a kind of personal archive of how my writing is going. It’s only been from the beginning of 2022 that I’ve become wrapped up again in daily musings, which feels like a good discipline. Anyway, here’s to improved mental health, and our outlook on mental health in general!


  3. Hey mate, You are welcome. Influence of Brit TV showing. Mate r other oft used British words haven’t yet slipped into conversation with folks hereabouts. Well not much. You know Today’s Joy often leads to me doing free association & that leads to long comments. My Joy today, I hope, is getting the latest Pfizer booster & senior flu vaccines. Fight the demons. I said yesterday that my parents obviously went overboard with guilt as motivation. Now I wonder what Connie & I did to our girls. Write on, Henry


    1. Thanks Henry… your comments always much appreciated! I wonder if I sometimes use words just to intrigue you! Keep on smiling!

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