A walk in the sunshine

We ambled forth this morning, delighted to be catching the sunshine. I was that pleased to walk without hamstring twinges, though I could feel the strain, just not the pain. The breeze was brisk, however, and it didn’t pay to stop too long, or the chill might have felt more onerous.

The little bit of exercise felt really good. We stepped aside to let a heavy lorry back down the long, slightly winding hill, towards the big JCB it was picking up. We chatted, as we pushed upwards, about where we’d be in the next year, what projects we might be pursuing.

All in all, a simple walk in the country, along an almost deserted road, and further than we usually go. After picking up some fresh fish from Craig’s van at his regular Wednesday stop on the High Street, we got back to get stuck into some reading and writing, spinning and knitting duties. More duties still remain, but it did feel good to get something accomplished.

We’re in that interval between seasons, it feels, when the sun beckons us out, but the chill wind warns us of the harsher weather ahead. We can be grateful for the clarity given to us by the opportunity to walk and think together, while we look ahead to more perseverance and physical labour.

Meanwhile, the joy of the fresh air, the delight of streaming sunshine, and the wind on our back pushing us homeward, all conspired to make the little walk that much more memorable.

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