Where we belong . . .

Seeking to write a story embodying a passionate feeling, I found myself writing about belonging, and then found this title by a UK psychiatrist. I’m afraid I’m presenting this image and link for the picture it paints, and this is not a testimonial to this particular book.

I’ve been flummoxed for a week, trying to figure out a fictional response to a WriteOn Galloway task. Finally I ventured into our own lives to create a kind of story-memoir piece about our travels. The challenge of the task was to create the story without revealing the author’s/narrator’s own take on the personal passion. My piece, which I titled Where We Belong, does have a sense of longing, as it finishes, and whether it’s a story or not, it’s from the heart, without, as per the task, explicitly revealing those heartfelt feelings.

Reading a fellow blogger, who writes at Your World in Your Hands, we seem to agree that making a story, some sort of narrative, about our life experiences and our feelings, helps us along the daily journey. I do feel more chirpy, to be honest, in having set down my little story.

Whether that’s because it’s succinct, crafted and honed, edited and polished, or because I’m just pleased that my task is done, is another matter, of course. Either way though, it doesn’t matter; the joy results!

At some point in the future, some of our writing efforts will doubtless be presented on the Writing Group’s blog, but for now we await the studied reaction of the other writers. Meanwhile I can get on with other tasks today.

Oh joy, as I often say.

One response to “Where we belong . . .”

  1. Thanks for the Pingback, Larry. Glad you managed to get to grips with the task at hand. Onward and upward!


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