A quiet retreat . . .

Our tiny garden in Scotland is a small oasis of peace

When we were fortunate to acquire the little bolt-hole across the border, we didn’t realise quite what a solace it would be. The weight of responsibility somehow seems more pressing when we’re home, but here across the open-plan living, dining and kitchen space it’s a temporary break from all that.

Writing duties carry through, however, and I’ve got a few of them today. But no loft clearance, or sorting through old papers. A few days to recharge the physical and emotional batteries, and we should be the better for it. After a morning on the keyboard, a walk beckons, perhaps in the mossy woodland. This capacity, to walk up the road and enter the woods within minutes, to enter a quiet and natural space, where the wind doesn’t buffet us about, is a real blessing for the rejuvenation of our mental health and equilibrium.

As much as we love our home, we have to recognise that there are benefits to quietude in a different context. So we’ll be delighted to indulge, while we can, and take quiet care of ourselves.

That feels like such a joy, I’m excited to be looking forward to the day! But meanwhile, the fire is warming us up, and we’re awaking as cheerfully as we can. Joys increasing, when one looks for them, for sure.

4 responses to “A quiet retreat . . .”

  1. I finally had to look up the term bolt hole to be sure it wasn’t a term the imaginative writer made up. Will you next be calling your bolt hole community a human warren? I hop not. Henry


    1. Ah ha! We see so many rabbits bolting back into their holes in the warren on the fellside facing our track, it’s second nature to describe our own retreat thusly… but we never think of the little Glen Kens community as a warren, oddly enough! Thanks for the lovely laugh, Henry, much appreciated!

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  2. And the advantage of rejoining Europe , when Scotland go independent


  3. We had no idea about how windy it gets up here because it wasn’t like that when we viewed the property


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