Joys and trials of battery life

My joys lately have been constrained by a difficulty in keeping my laptop charged, which is in fact a problem entirely of my own making: I inadvertently left the charger plug across the border!

I have, however, been working in good cheer on things like final clearance of the loft, so that all four rooms up there are empty now, and swept clean, save for the large wine rack with its harvest of hedgerow wine put down over the past decade.

I’ve even figured out where to re-site that rack with its bottles of blackberry, loganberry, raspberry, and one last bottle of our own grape wine. The Elf Hole, of course, will be a perfect resting place.

In the meantime, since we’re resting here high up on the fellside for a week, another charger is one its way to us, but my activities on the keyboard are rather dramatically curtailed. I guess that’s a kind of rest, too. Except that I’m spending a lot more time squinting at my phone!

Never mind, in life we’ve been able, often, to discover work-arounds to the challenges that confront us, and that’s always been a joy. An iPad charger plug, with its USB-C cable, can charge the laptop battery, overnight, and thereby provide me with an hour or so of laptop time before the machine blinks off in mid-stroke.

It seems, for example, in this exercise, I’ve already used up 20% of the battery capacity! Oh joy . . . time to run along and do other things on this bright sunshiny day.

One response to “Joys and trials of battery life”

  1. I feel your battery pain. I have had to buy a charger while we were out of town on vacations. I had an android phone so buying a cord or even converter & cord for charging wasn’t as painful as it would be now that I have my first iPhone. While in the Apple Store at our local mall I can’t tell you how but I got the feeling that Apple has customers by unnamed body parts & ripped security employees would toss me out should I cry out in pain, Would I be correct in suspecting that with a Mac laptop I would need more $$ to rush out and buy what I needed? Perhaps the Fates are telling you to take a much needed rest after all your labors involved in your move.


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