Soft and frosty morning

Everything outside today, high in these North Pennine fellsides, is still. The frost, the real first we’ve seen this season, is a harbinger of harsher weather ahead, but just now it’s rather exquisite.

Even the commonplace looks different in its white morning gauze. I lowered my eyes from the hills and cast them over the wooden slats scattered throughout our garden: the long picnic table and the round; the lid of the hot tub.

Yesterday I topped up the water in the hot tub, determined to provide a delightful experience for anticipated family arrivals throughout December. Although it’s a bit Canadian to wish for snow, I do hope that we might experience one immersion in the inviting 40ºC water while the snowflakes gently fall from the sky.

Some folks look forward to their New Year’s dip in the freezing North Sea, but having once subjected my body to the shocking needle-like experience of rolling in the snow after a hot soak, I’m not eager to try that again! No, I’ll be happy for a bit of intense warmth. We’ve been having just that of an evening, with the cat curled up in one or other of our laps. Quiet comfort with the wood fire blazing away.

I guess my joy this morning has to do with feelings and contrasting senses. The feeling of the frosty morning as I venture forth in my dressing gown to capture the images that delight. The crunch of the frozen picnic bench under my slippers. The anticipation of the warmth of the hot tub, or the cosy ambience of the fire in the living room.

Good morning!

2 responses to “Soft and frosty morning”

  1. Larry, Off point once again – In Today’s Joy you wrote about your wish to sit in the hot tub whiIe snow is falling. I’m sure that as the saying goes you cannot imagine what came to my mind when I read that. Give up? ADHD. Certainly soaking in a hot tub while it is snowing is not a symptom of ADHD. There are, however, certain behavioral/human traits that significantly occur more often in the population with ADHD compared to the general population. One of those characteristics is loving to experience contrasts. The example I thought of is driving a convertible  down the highway at 55 to 65  mph in freezing temps with the top down & the heater going full blast. Another example is loving to sleep by an open window with heat in room turned up while temp outside is freezing.


    1. Intriguing thought Henry! But I can’t think that folks with ADHD have a monopoly on enjoying stimulating mixes of sensations… and I must be the least AD of anybody I know, since I veer far towards the obsessive spectrum… but I also love blizzards, water-skiing, keyboard activity while listening to music. But I love the energising state of flow, involving dedicated attention to a stimulating task, for which incapacity I feel sorry that folks with ADHD may not often have the opportunity. Keep thinking, very thought-provoking for sure!

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