A completed list

The items don’t matter; it’s the ticks that are important.

I do make lists, but it’s rare to have a completed set of ticks by the end of the day. For one reason or another, with the perseverance I aspired to yesterday, I did manage to tick every task off the list! That’s enough joy to carry my weary muscles, joints and sinews through into another working day.

When things accumulate, it seems that there’s always room to fit something else in. That’s certainly the way it’s been with Harry Hymer, our ancient and capacious motorhome. The components we’ve acquired have all had their uses, though some more than others, of course. The main task yesterday, after clearing out the detritus in too many sheds, was to clear Harry so that he’d be light enough to lift on the MOT hoist. That meant everything that wasn’t fixed down had to come out to get stored — and the storage site had to be in the newly cleared sheds! Harry’s appointment with the garage is for Monday, so after a little clean of the green mould, he’ll be ready to get checked out.

And I am ready to collapse. But we’ve got a big bonfire to set up today, to complete the shed clearing exercise and get things ready for the new occupants. And then the old metal stuff will go too, as well as another load or two to the Household Waste Recycling Centre, as we call ‘the dump’ these days. The day promises again to be quiet and still, with a light dusting of snow to be crunching through.

Cold as it is, we’ll be fine when we’re working steadily and the blood is pumping. I can’t wait to see the end of this clearance job!

One response to “A completed list”

  1. Larry, I send kudos across the pond to the writer of Today’s Joy. I send kudos bc of all the physical work you are still able to accomplish. I am no longer able to do the kind of work you describe so I do stand back in admiration. Hope Harry will pass the MOT. Good luck Harry.

    PS. I would like to see some snow here but the Farmer’s Almanac predicts a mild winter for us compared to regions east & north of us on both sides of the Apppalachians. I can dream of a White Christmas but it will only be a dream.


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