Halfway to happiness

At her new home, Kali cat must remain for three weeks before being allowed to venture forth into her new world

Moves and transitions are rarely easy, and when you don’t understand what’s going on, and why you’ve been displaced, it must be even more disorientating. We’re now about halfway through the adjustment phase, when Kali cat is allowed to ponder the great outdoors, but not to explore beyond what her eyes can see.

It’s fair to say that she’s going stir-crazy, even with an assortment of toys to play with. She’s always had free roaming rights, ever since we got her a decade ago. And so the tribulation must be endured, else we reckon she’d head back to the familiar North Pennine hills as soon as she slips outside. I don’t know if the three week period is the limit of a cat’s memory bank, or if it’s a kind of minimum period in which she will establish a scent profile of her safe place. But I do know that whatever happens at the end of the three week trial, she’ll be very happy to be exploring in the great outdoors again.

In the meantime, Kali seems to be more content when the fire is blazing and she can be warm. Sometimes she kills her fish toy anew. But mostly she just loves a comfy lap to curl up in, and some empathetic attention.

Which, of course, we’re happy to provide for her. We could use a bit of that feeling ourselves, to be honest!

There’s sufficient joy, however, in settling in and being comfortable, for now. New projects and forays will begin again, but in the meantime it’s a recharging phase. And we’ve found an excellent wood supplier, so we should be able to keep ourselves delightfully warm, even as the temperatures plummet again.

Patience, Kali, this too shall pass, and you can enjoy life again!

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