The epiphany

sunlight and shadow
two deer bounce through the marsh
spiked gorse in yellow dress
seed pods brown and empty
moss-laden branches, beardy wisps
rusty tin can
hazel strands droop by the dyke
willow herb curlicues 
broken crockery bits
vibrant green rose leaves
empty whisky bottle
white village on a sunlit hill
water mirror dazzle
clouds spread across the sky
dutchman’s breeches peeking through
last season’s dry angelica
crumpled plastic shapes 
willow buds bursting
scatterment of bramble arches
across the burn a tossed Red Bull 
rhododendron congregation
murmurs of water 
cracks of crows

grab a carrier bag
forget the jacket, you’ll get hot
faded can of Irn-Bru
blackened plastic bottles
it’s vodka yes, but whisky not
doggy poo bag, another
clamber down the dyke, and back
squeezed empty blister pack
deflated football
get them all

sunshine and shade
red kite soars just overhead
a single cry pierces the air
the burn gurgles by
emergence of fresh nettles
a bumbler buzzes there
dark branches cover green-edged path
endless blue and white expanse 
the remains of a small deer
within the fencing colonnade
grassy wisps have snaggled here
nearly now to the kissing gate

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