A morning enchantment

A roe deer was a welcome visitor to our garden at dawn today, and she looked directly at us while I fumbled for my phone camera, bringing it into play only in time to catch her white bum! So I looked for the closest image around that reflected just how near she was to the kitchen window, and I’m delighted to point to BestPracticeGuides.org.uk for further information on roe deer behaviour.

She seemed to enjoy the soft new shoots on a variety of shrubberies strategically placed about the place, and then she ambled off into the sheep field behind us. We felt blessed.

On the other hand, we don’t have any vegetables emerging that she might like to chomp her way through, and I haven’t seen any crocus bulbs erupting through the soil here. Crocus blossom seemed to be a particularly esteemed delicacy in Allendale’s Recreation Ground, and not one of the hundreds a volunteer team planted during the renovation of that park survived the deer grazing. Daffodils, however, were left well alone.

My job this afternoon, now that I’ve shifted the heavy wardrobe, piece by laborious piece, upstairs after two strong guys kindly deposited five boxes in our entrance hall, is to put the thing together. We shall have a place to hang our clothes again, soon. And so the settling in continues apace.

From the sublime to the mundane, then, and with such joys our days are populated with grace.

2 responses to “A morning enchantment”

  1. Today’s Roads to Joy touched memories of days when white tailed deer browsed upon both evergreen & deciduous trees & shrubs in our neighborhood. The frustration of homeowners was born out of landscaping which included many preferred foods of the deer. The deer were not venturing far enough from the woods to browse at our end of the street. That may explain why I also enjoyed seeing the deer. As you assume care of an established garden keep the BestPracticeGuides icon on your screen. Write on, Henry


  2. Always nice to see the deer in close proximity


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