The enchanted temperate rainforest

In the midst of moving-in frenzy, getting things sorted, arranging so many things in a bid to be comfortable in our new home, we were able to take a short amble around the lovely woods next door. Thanks to David Attenborough’s Wild Isles program, we now understand that much of the east coast of the UK is, or was, a temperate rainforest. Certainly the moss growing on this ancient hazel tree, and the vegetation beneath in the enchanted window, look the part.

I’ve been hoping to get back to the keyboard in earnest, and after a morning’s effort on the DIY front (re-configuring the living room curtains, and installing the lovely Tiffany-style lampshade), it’s another delight to be able to sit here and think. Pondering the ineffable, and musing on this and that enchantment. Feeling that bit smug that some of the new jobs on the list are already being ticked off. We reckon that a little bit of unpacking and fixing up each day, while we move on into a developing routine, will see us through to the promised land of comfort.

I’m still surrounded, here in my tiny study, with boxes and boxes, but one set of shelves is full of all our CDs, and I could easily fill another couple of book shelves to clear out more space. Later today, perhaps. For now, I’m happy to be sitting. But all this recorded music around me reminds me that a dear friend of ours has initiated a daily music blog, presenting a full year of the music that he’s travelled with throughout his life. Most fascinating, a really eclectic mix and moving reminiscences.

And so life goes on, the comfort of routine beckons, and joys accumulate. It’s not been the lack of the joy, that’s caused this most recent hiatus in the blog, of course, just the crucial logistics of settling in.

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