A spot of light gardening

The two specimen plants outside our front door seem to have perished in the heavy December frost. There’s no sign of life, anyway, as this supplementary example, still mouldering in the back garden, evinces. I’ve already removed the floral corpses from their pots, in preparation for new planting.

Our delightful morning job, in the bright sunshine, looks to be a planting of four pots, two cubes and two round shallows, in which the taller Ceanothus and the ground-hugging Convolvulus, respectively, should make a nice combination feature on either side of the door. It has not escaped our attention, to paraphrase Watson & Crick’s memorable aside, in 1953 in their description of the likely double helix model of DNA, that the colours of the blossoms reflect those of the Saltire, the Scottish flag.

Our attention to the heritage of this place, built circa 1870 and added to in 1980, is promised dedication. Here in our adopted country, we shall enjoy the bright blue sky and a few white puffy clouds scattered around the horizon, while trying to help the front garden look like somebody lives here. But we will also, we hope, sympathetically bring the living standards here into the 21st century proper.

Like somebody still cares.

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