Catching up is good . . .

I think that moving is especially fraught because everything is in disarray, all around, and it feels like you just can’t settle down to a normal task. It’s all just accommodating to the new space, putting things here and then then, and then back again. Testing out new living arrangements, fixing a few things that aren’t working right — meanwhile, the normal routine of satisfying work falls by the wayside.

But the move is done, and with new routines established, space cleared and the creative potential ahead, it’s time to get back to work. This morning I have about seven new entries to create in an archive of local history that I’ve committed to. This social history links us back to our previous life, and it’s very precious. At the same time, it’s challenging, because our natural inclination is to look forward.

I know, however, that I will feel that much better when I’ve got those entries sorted, collated neatly, and presented. So I hope that I will persevere, and not procrastinate this morning. It’s easy to be distracted, and where’s the joy in that?

I was distracted all day yesterday and I forgot to complete my transition image of the dwarf tulip open in the bright sunshine. By the time I remembered, it had closed up again for the night. Perhaps today I will catch it. Meanwhile, an early ‘joy’ is a good start, a sense that I’m back on the road, back in the saddle, ready for a productive morning.

Me and the tulip, together we shall hope to fulfill our potential on this new, bright, sunshiny day.

Ah, that’s better! And yes, I have indeed caught up on my social history blog entries, just in time for lunch!

One response to “Catching up is good . . .”

  1. In Today’s Joy you reminded me that there is a good feeling that comes with getting things in place. We have a spare room & over 33 years of living in this house. Enough said. Btw have you found a space for your antique loom. Saw a cartoon the other day that reminded me of you. A weaver is working feverishly on finishing a project bc the deadline was looming. Funnier with cartoon. Was going to copy & save but… Good luck on the history project. I still occasionally read a few entries from the Allendale Diary. Last entry was about the pubs & famous dead residents. Write on, Henry


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