A place in the sun

We are all getting older, Kali cat and us, losing a few of our wits along the way, but still enjoying the sunshine. Kali is especially good at seeking out, and finding, the warmest place to recline, stretch out, relax.

Yesterday morning, before she found this sunshine-warmed hammock, I spent hours clearing Harry Hymer, our ancient motorhome (a Hymer classic, it’s over 25 years old) of all the stuff we’d piled into it as we left our beloved home in the North Pennines. It’s time to think about getting the old vehicle ready for the touring road, as a short break beckons.

We’re not likely to go too far very soon, but a trip north to Skye is in the offing for next month. First we need to trundle back to our old stomping grounds to get Harry Hymer’s sump cover replaced. So that will be a good test of the old man on the road in basic touring outfit.

Oh no! I’ve suddenly remembered there’s a closet, and the little shower cubicle that are still packed with things! The basic interior is clear, but I didn’t get to those two sections. If I’m lucky, I’ll have time to clear these areas later this morning before we’re due to help with Lunch service. And then maybe, if the sun shines bright and warm, I too, like Kali, will find a quiet moment to rest from the clearing and enjoy the day.

No rest for the weary quite yet then! But I shall embark on this task with a little melody in my heart, because I can sense that this is the home stretch.

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