A prosaic sort of joy . . .

From the midst of challenge, joy is often just there, just within reach. We had quite a challenging adventure, the other day, in Harry Hymer, our ancient motorhome, but we got home safe and sound in the end.

My joy today is the thought of how I shall replace the faulty bathroom sink tap that gave me such a soaking, and a few heart-stopping moments, far up on the Isle of Skye on Saturday evening. The new tap with its microswitch, a like-for-like replacement of the broken one, arrived yesterday, and I can’t wait to put it in place.

Fortunately, on the other hand, the debacle with the broken tap was also grist for a short story (well, more of a memoir, really), which has facilitated a return to my travelogue blog, a sojourn that I’ve titled, perhaps aptly, HarryCarrieAndMe. A dear friend reminded me that the blog’s title sounds awfully like the classic strategy of a cornered Samurai, performing the last rites on himself. Indeed it does, and it’s deliberate. Sometimes travels in Harry Hymer feel like a overwhelming challenge! But it’s always a wonderful feeling to get through to the other side.

It’s the other side that I shall be seeking to reach, later this afternoon with any luck, as I continue to Search for the Magic. Meanwhile, if I chuckle a little bit at the wires from the microswitch smiling at me, I might be forgiven for my indulgence.

It’s been so long since we’ve been out on the road in Harry Hymer, that any opportunity to enjoy the experience is welcome! But it will be even more lovely if I can get that tap replaced, in time for our next adventure.

One response to “A prosaic sort of joy . . .”

  1. Fiona Bernhoeft Avatar
    Fiona Bernhoeft

    Aha! Water and motorhomes: an uneasy pairing at the of times! Bon courage with fixing the errant tap and happy celebrating when you do, Larry (as you most surely will).

    John & I can empathise. On day 1 of our trip to Holland, we sprang a leak in the pipe in the under-sofa storage compartment where we store the bedding. Since then, John has been changing the wad of kitchen roll and tea towels that acts as a ‘nappy’ several times a day! It has actually solved the problem for 12 days. The joy of successful ‘cobbling’ is ours. The joy of mending it permanently when we get home next week will be handed to Billy, our trustworthy ‘fixer’ in Wolsingham. We also snapped both ramps on our first night so have needed flat pitches … Thank you, The Netherlands!!!


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